About Us

Mechanical & Building Services was founded in 1985 and has been serving the Construction Industry for more than three decades. We have established a reputation for quality work and a personal service to our clients. We have delivered a wide variety of projects over the years requiring demanding schedules and the hallmark of our success is to have achieved continued repeat business.

We are dedicated to being the very best at what we do and continuously strive for excellence in all we undertake. In this regard we adapt to client’s requirements and the changing market conditions and at all times to delivering value, deliverability and a quality product.

As a Company we have the strengths and resources to manage the most demanding projects. Our experienced Management Team are dedicated to providing the assurance and commitment demanded by our Clients to take all our projects from inception to handover to the highest professional standards.

We are always available to our existing and prospective Clients for advice on budgets or to discuss their Engineering Solutions whereupon each enquiry will be given our utmost care and attention.

A Selection of Some Valued Clients